Curved glass-glass modules

  • Exclusive product for exceptional architecture
  • Multifunctional elements for organically-shaped building envelopes
  • Project-specific design and manufacturing


SUNOVATION modules are manufactured by means of a cold filling process, which enables the tension-free embedding of the photovoltaic cells in curved modules. Even narrow radii can be realized. With this procedure SUNOVATION can also produce small batches in different designs at reasonable costs.


Curved glass-glass modules can either be made as transparent or as colored modules. For transparent modules the level of transparency can be chosen and a coverage of the rear side of the cells can be made.  Through this the front side module appearance can be transferred to the rear side. For colored modules a broad color spectrum is available.  

Rear-side cell coverage

Optionally a coverage of the rear side of the cell can be made by selective screen-printing. Through this the front side module appearance can be transferred to the rear side. This is a very attractive solution for applications that offer an open view to the rear side of the modules.

Size and shape

All modules are project-specifically designed and produced in different shapes and sizes. Possible are inter alia extensive glazing as well as individual small formats. Like this particularities of existing buildings can be considered likewise as those of newly planned buildings.

Individueller Glasaufbau

Individual glass structure

The glass structure is determined project specific according to static requirements of the specific application area. Here also asymmetric glass structures and the use of laminated safety glass as per Buildings Rules List are possible. For an aesthetic integration or to create singular color accents, colored, printed or coated glasses with additional function can be used.

Individueller Glasaufbau


The glass-glass modules can be installed by means of customary substructures such as post-and-beam constructions, point holders and structural glazing. Electric cables are installed invisibly through covered edge or rear connections.